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Tourist activities in Ssese islands

Nsirwe Island
Known and famous for both bird and spider breeding . A day on this island is worth your time and money.

Bugaba Island
Have you ever seen a sample of a true African virgin Equatorial forest, if not then you need to visit the Bugaba Island which also serves as the birth and home place of the African Grey parrots.

Bubembe and Funve Islands

Located in the far south west of lake Victoria facing the Tanzania border with Uganda. Bubembe and Funve Islands is famous for Nile perch Catfish angling. The day can be rewarded with Nile perch fish of a whopping 100 kilograms or more. The best seasons lie between April to August. A one day tour will yield for you.

Serinya, Banda and Kitobo Islands
These are fast developing islands .a tourist in search of a classic example of how islanders in the developing world live receive a world of experience and knowledge. Modern schools, animals farming and clinics in the fishing villages are seen in their different phases of completion and operation. Development that comes with facilities such as solar energy is very clear to an on looker.


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