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3 Exciting Activities For Your Ssese islands Honeymoon

From canoe rides to quad biking around the island, Brovad sands lodge offers much more than rose-sand beaches and plush surroundings. Here are three exciting activities not to miss on your honeymoon on this exotic island

Quad Biking around the island

quad 1With the latest introduction of quad biking, Brovad sands lodge offers you the opportunity to travel inland and discover the  largely unexplored beauty and timeless tranquility that Ssese islands has to offer.Ride along sandy beaches for an experience to remember. The biking tours are designed to suit all abilities, from novice to experienced riders.

Canoe rides on the lake

Come discover the Historic Ssese islands by canoe. Here at Brovad sands lodge, you will find some of the finest family canoeing in this exotic part of Uganda. Lake Victoria is an excellent lake for first-timers or group trips because of it’s  gentle flow and cool breeze

A canoe trip on the lake Victoria can be one of the most relaxing, healthy, and enjoyable ways to spend a Ssese islands Honeymoon.

Sport fishing

Brovad sands lodge has custom, all-inclusive sport fishing packages for honeymooners hooked on the idea of spending a day out on the waters

Take on a remarkable experience as you spend your Ssese islands honeymoon trolling the reef system around lake Victoria for the famous nile perch,tilapia,sky fish and Jackfish. For the full day option, our guide will prepare a beach bar-b-que for lunch and a cold drink.

By Martin Isiko


The only Resort with the best rooms on Ssese islands

Brovad Sands Lodge offers the largest room on the entire Ssese Island Beach! The main aim of this place was to ensure that each of their guests enjoys the quite, peacefulness and luxury of this place within a very spacious setting and enjoying their accommodation in ssese islands.

Sands Lodge offers 10 very spacious cottages including honeymoon suites, double rooms, twins and singles. Because of the size of their rooms, the twins rooms can actually accommodate 3 beds, hence offering the ideal accommodation even suitable for families.

Each of the thatched cottages has beautifully painted walls built with stone. Right at the entrance of each cottage is a private flower garden. The large wooden door then opens into a beautiful interior whose beautiful walls plus the stunning African artifacts, Large that adorn the inside blend in well with the delicately beaming lights fitted in gorgeous lamp holders. The aroma alone within each cottage is another stimulus that well set your mind racing into the comfort of this place and making it the best accommodation in ssese islands. The interior is really breathtaking

The professionally made beds are large and very comfortable to ensure utmost comfort. There are bed side lamps on each side of the bed, a beautiful African rug on the bedside, a large sofa and a sideboard. There is a large dressing area on one side of the bedroom with a sizeable wardrobe having several hungers to fit your hung your clothes.

The other end of the bedroom has 2 large doors that open to the large bathroom area that has twin golden sinks, a beautiful bathtub supplied with hot and cold water and then on the opposite side is a standalone shower and a flash toilet. Unique about this place is that each cottage has its own water heater in the bathrooms. Next to the tub is a large window that enable you enjoy the beautiful scenery even as you take your bath

Just directly your bed, the large double doors with wide see-through glass open to your private verandah that looks down towards the beach.

Activities to Enjoy at Brovad Sands Lodge

Being the finest all-inclusive lodge on the Ssese Islands, Brovad Sands Lodge offers a number of recreational activities to its guests during their stay here. Be a part of the endless variety of activities on this beautiful and best accommodation in ssese islands on lakefront Island resort which range from the water sport activities, cultural experiences to the wildlife adventures all within this peaceful beautiful surrounding.  At Brovad Sands lodge, there is something to enjoy for every guest here regardless of their age.

Beach walks

Set off for a peaceful walk along the beach as you step on the beautiful white sands that adorn the fore face of this amazing beach lodge. Ssese Island is a perfect paradise island that prides in a tropical climate and white sand beaches that are surrounded with dark green vegetation and beautiful wild flowers. As you take these very relaxing romantic walks which are very ideal for people looking for intimacy, you will be rewarded with the calming sound of water waves flowing from thousands of miles away on this large Lake Victoria that beautifully meet the Ssese white sand.

Spend time picking some beautiful shells and stones with your loved one… It’s a great way to spend your afternoon here!

Primate watching at Brovad Sand Lodge
Being an island mainly covered with several tree species, this is a wonderful habitat for various primates especially monkeys. With your camera in hand you can take peacefully walks to see these very amazing playful little monkeys. Fortunately, Brovad Sands Lodge has a large family of monkey that usually spends most of its time at this property, so at the comfort of your private cottage verandah you will see some of these monkeys playing at your door steps. This is an adventure worth enjoying!

Forest walk at Brovad Sands Lodge

For lovers of nature, this is the best place to have a closer experience with nature as you enjoy the sounds of the whistling forest birds and moving tree branches. We organize guided nature walks in the forest during which our very knowledgeable guides will help you identify the various tree species, wild flowers, see beautiful colored butterflies, bird species as well as small primates. Remember to bring along your camera to capture everything.

Bird watching

The beautiful gardens, numerous trees and the beach front of Brovad Sands Lodge support various bird species mainly water birds plus some forest species. A keen bird can identify as many as 50 different bird species including the hamerkop, little egret, african open-billed stork, hadada ibis, northern brown-throated weaver, orange weaver and the slender-billed weaver among many others. The orange weaver is the most prevalent species here. Perceiver

Beach volleyball

Brovad Sands Lodge has a very large beach front covered with clean white sand that is well maintained. It feature a sand volleyball coat very close to the water, so you can enjoy some time here with your friends or loved one getting dirt in the sand as enjoy this wonderful sport. This is also another way to interact with other guests living at the lodge.

Cultural tour / village walk / Sightseeing

We offer guided village walks to the various villages on Kalangala Islands. During these exciting tours, our guests will have the opportunity to even reach the distant villages on the island, visit the orphanages, check out the various artifact shops where you  can buy a souvenir, taste the local brew “marwa” and even personally interact with the local people who you will be able to observe ago about their day to day lives.

You will also drive to the various view points on this island where you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking vistas and even see the other islands that make up the Ssese archipelago comprised of 54 different islands.

Fishing trips

We as well organize very interesting fishing excursions on which you will get up in the early morning and join the local fishermen as they set out to make their day’s catch. These are very exciting trips as you will be able to participate in the use of the traditional methods uses in fishing here.

Use of the swimming pool

It is only at brovad sands lodge were you will find a swimming pool in the whole of ssese islands . due fear of water borne diseases ,we decided o set up a swimming pool come and enjoy swimming at Brovad sands lodge

Quad Biking

Due to limited activites on the island ssese , Brovad sands lodge decided to introduce quad biking on the island because there were a few activities to be done therefore come and enjoy quad biking at Brovad sands lodge.

How to get to Ssese islands’ Brovad sands lodge

Today reaching Bugala Island the tourist hub on the Ssese Islands with the best accommodations in ssese islands has become extremely easy with the availability of 2 large ferries serving between this Island and the mainland.

For those traveling through tour agents you will be dropped at Nakiwogo landing site or those coming from the airport it is just 15 minutes drive to this landing site. Then for those using public transport coming from the capital Kampala, you will take a taxi (matatu) from the city center to Entebbe town costing about UGX 3,000 – I hour drive to Entebbe town (kitooro) and then take a cab or boda boda (motorcycle ride) to the landing site.

The ferry found at Nakiwogo dock operates daily to Kalangala Bay – Lutoboka and departs from Entebbe (Nakiwogo) at exactly 2:00pm taking about 3.5 hours to Kalangala. It then returns from Kalangala daily back to Nakiwogo at 8:00 am. The charges are UGX 14,000 per individual for 1st class and UGX 10,000 for 2nd class. The ferry has a restaurant from which you can buy a snack. Because the vehicle space is limited for those traveling with their cars we recommend that you get there earlier so as to book some space.

Then there is another ferry which departs from Bukakata site (found near Masaka) and lands at Bugoma on the other end of Bugala Island. Its departure times are 8:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm and then 4:00 pm from Bukakata and returns from Bugoma at 9:00 am, 12:30 pm, as 2:30 pm and then 5:00 pm, as well.

To arrive at Bukakata, as you drive toward Masaka, you will find a Total garage. keep left and again turn left in Nyendo Trading Centre until you reach the Petro Uganda Fuel-station where you will turn left again. For those using public transport, inform the taxi conductor to leave you at Nyendo stage which is about 2 km from Masaka town. Then take a cab to Bukakata which is 40 km from Nyendo.

On arrival you will find one of our members raising a poster Brovad sands lodge  and he will pick you up and drive you to the resort.

The Best of Brovad sands lodge

Brovad sands lodge is located on the fore-front white sand beaches of the Ssese Islands, Brovad Sands Lodge is the only true holiday resort beach getaway on the entire Ssese islands, providing the finest first-class beach accommodation in ssese islands  that blends well with the traditional hospitality of the native Ssese Islands.
Enjoy the exclusive setting and unique lifestyle at Brovad Sands Lodge an amazing Ssese Islands resort beach hotel. Picture the gorgeous rich airy gardens, the precious artwork, the exotic decor as well as the white sand beach.
For those looking for a quite place to enjoy comfort and lavishness this amazing beach resorts sitting on 5 acres of Lake Victoria’s beachfront, is a very ideal destination to go to. For those on honeymoon destination or on a romantic gateaway or even family holiday, this is the best place to stay.
It is a very quiet place with very beautiful well maintained gardens carpeted with leveled green grass interspersed with various types of flowers.
Besides comfort and luxury, sands Lodge aims at offering its guests the utmost space while on Holiday. It prides in 10 thatched large cottages that are beautifully adorned with African crafted with a delicate touch of contemporary art to offer you a very memorable stay.
The great team of staff at Brovad sands lodge is always available and willing to offer you their very best services. On arrival at this lodge, you will be welcomed with a glass of chilled freshly made fruit juice served by their exceptionally hospitable staff.
Important Tip: Look ward to their mouthwatering dishes prepared by the professional chef (who I should say is the best I have come across on this entire Island). The meals are usually served in their large dining area although beach breakfasts and lunches can be organized right in front of the great water volume of Lake Victoria on the white sand beach.