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Easter Weekend Special Discounted Package

easter packageHere at Brovad sands lodge we always see an opportunity in every holiday break,for you our beloved guest to exploit and have a memorable time with us.Easter is here and we thought of you so we put up a special package on a discount,imagine that!

As we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus be restored and rejuvenated with our special Easter menu,fun activities and entertainment…a resurrection of your own huh?!    How about relaxing on our white sand beach,away from the city noise.Perfect glimpse of heaven.

Well since it is said that the only son of God died for you…you are that precious and Brovad believes it so we want to treat you like the royalty you are on this special day.If He died for you,then you deserve to rest in the paradise Brovad is on such a day…Easter.

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Family Fun at Ssese Islands

You don’t have to “disown” your children every  vacation or weekendgateaway. You just need a perfect resort and look no further than BrovadSandsLodgeHotel on the ssese islands.This white sand beach hotel has a special package just for you and your loved ones.Treat them to paradise in a special fully facilitated family cottage overlooking the lake,nice food including barbeque and moonlight dinners…what a perfect moment can it be with your family,watching the moon and stars while enjoying some barbeque.Children would remember it for a lifetime.

With throat chocking schedules parents hardly find time together with the children.Well worry not,Brovad is here just for that.,,with this family package you get to play catch up with your little ones and strengthen that bond through activities like football,swimming,beach volleyball,nature walks and many more depending on your choice. This is a chance to be lazy for a good cause,just relax with no worries of chores or cleaning after any one as every thing is done for you.In the end you will be refreshed and brand new. Your job is to crave and we provide,free room service.

Since its a family holiday how can we forget the heads of the family?..of course not,we can arrange for a baby sitter just for mummy and daddy to have some romantic moments and remind yourselves how you felt back then,the first date! Declare those 3 words in a unique way…..write them in the white sands of Brovad(You know what they say about those little things). It gets better with a romantic canoe ride,honey moon all over again.How about watching the sun go down together,this can be arranged on a private boat  cruise. But hey,who says romance can only be soft?..make it hotter with some quad biking together. Brovad is the island to be,else i know not of any other place where you can beat 2 birds with one stone…..have fun with your children and build that bond ,as well as rekindling love between the 2 adults!

By Sue.