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Infrastructural projects will boost tourism on Ssese Islands

Over the past few months, many development projects have been taking place on Bugala island (Ssese’s largest) in a bid to promote tourism in Kalangala district. The Ssese islands are a popular destination  in Uganda frequently visited by tourists and locals wishing to relax and get-away from the city hustle, on a honeymoon or vacation holiday. The white sands coupled with spectacular island views and sunset boat rides has transformed Bugala island into one of the must visit places in Uganda and also attracted investors to set-up safari lodges, resort hotels, trading centers among other establishments but until last week, the island didn’t have electricity but all that has changed.

Kalangala Infrustrutural Services (KIS) , the company responsible for developing infrustrutures on the island partnered with major corporations to make the islands easily accessible with electricity, clean water supply and good roads . The projects have been made possible through funding form major corporations including USAID, InfraCo UK, Uganda Development Corporation, NedBank among others. His exclellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, president of Uganda was in Kalangala this past Sunday to launch the power station, an event that marked the completion of several other projects including water project.

KIS has been able to deliver first off by repairing the MV Pearl Ferry, completing the water project, re-constructing roads leading to the island and now finally launching the power station. With two ferries operating, repaired roads and power supply, this will attract more tourists as well as investors which is really good news for Kalangala district as more employment opportunities will be created and the locals’ standard of living elevated.

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