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Christmas in Ssese Islands: 3 Reasons it’s the Favorite Destination

The Christmas holiday is drawing  close and this season will be no different from the rest, huge church gatherings, family reunions, parties , presents among other usual activities. But why not break the habit of staying at home or journeying to the village and travel to an exciting  get-away destination in Uganda like an island resort, safari lodge or camp site to enjoy the best Christmas you’ll ever have. With that in mind, we present to 3 reasons why Ssese islands is the favorite destination to visit with you, your loved one or family come December.

#1- Family Friendly and Affordable accommodation

The Ssese islands are graced with amazing resorts such as the Brovad Sands Lodge that is situated right on the beach shores of Lake Victoria. The resort boasts a private beach with pure white sand suitable for beach soccer, beach volleyball, Quad biking by the beach and let alone swimming in the Lake. The spacious cottages offer comfort to an entire family with bath tab and showers in each cottage, satellite TV and a swimming pool for those that cannot swim in the Lake. The passionate chefs that command the restaurant at the resort treat you to a variety of delicacies that appeal to your taste buds.

The accommodation rates are very affordable compared to other destinations within Uganda and these come with meals, include an organized activity and free transfers. The spacious gardens are child friendly and support a number of activities for children .

During Christmas the Brovad Sands Lodge organizes a variety of activities for its guests including nature walks, boat rides, live band music at the beach side, swimming competitions, and children’s games.

#2- Easy Accessibility

The Islands are accessible by regularly ferry service from Entebbe, Nakiwogo Landing site. The ferry departs at 2 pm daily and takes approximately 3 hours to get to the Lutoboka Landing site in Kalangala. The ferry is big enough to accommodate a large number of passengers at ago and vehicles as well. The ferry costs only Ugshs. 14,000 per person in first class and Ugshs. 10,000 per person in second class each way. The ferry has got an in-house restaurant and bar, plus a TV set with countless movies for entertainment en route.

The second ferry service departs through Masaka at the Bukakata Landing site. This a government ferry service that plies the route approximately 4 to 5 times per day. The good news is that this ferry service is absolutely free of charge for both cars and passengers. It takes approximately 20 minutes to cross from Bukakata to the Luuku Landing site in Kalangala. Then the drive to the Brovad Sands Lodge in Kalangala town will take another 45 minutes or so. Its advisable to travel with you own car when arriving to the islands through the Masaka route, so you can easily navigate your way to the resort.

The Brovad Sands Lodge arranges free transfers for its guests who arrive through the Entebbe route and this is added for the guests intending to visit the Ssese Islands this Christmas.

#3- A wide range of Activities

The Ssese Islands and specifically Kalangala District where majority of the resorts are located is filled with lots of things to do for visiting tourists . The Island boasts of the only pure white sand beaches in Uganda. Beach Volley ball, Beach soccer, swimming in the Lake, kids games in the fine sand, Quad biking are the most popular games at the over one Kilometer stretch of beach. Boat rides and Canoe rides are also very popular at the Island and these can take anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour. Sport fishing is also another signature activity in Kalangala and a canoe with specialized fishing equipment is readily availed to the visitor once prior booking for this activity has been done by the guests.

Guided Nature walks through the forests and to the Kalangala town centre can also be arranged through the Brovad Sands Lodge for a small fee as low as Ushs. 20,000 per person. These can be group walks or atimes individual nature walks. Biking or cycling is also an option at the ssese islands. The road are clear most of the time thus providing a free ride whilst enjoying the combination of forested landscape and pleasant views of the mighty Lake Victoria.

A road trip to the BIDCO palm oil plantations, commonly known as the Island of peace, palm and prosperity offers the visitors a unique insight into palm oil production with large extracts of land filled with palm oil plantations offering amazing sights.

To inquire or book a room at Brovad Sands Lodge, just get in touch with us through   or call us on +256-701367970 and talk directly to the reservations manager.