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What Makes Ssese Islands A Special Destination

Ssese islands is an archipelago of islands of 84 islands on Lake Victoria famously known as one of the best getaway destinations for people in need of a weekend relaxation, on honeymoon or group retreat.  Most travelers like to to visit the islands for accommodation but here are some special facts about Ssese Islands that will make you fall in love with this destination

Beach-side relaxation.

Spending some time with your family and friends on the beach creates one of the most memorable experiences. Whether you are relaxing in the sun or indulging in some activities like vollayeball, football or swimming, you will always be assured of a fun-filled weekend when on a beach. Most hotels on Ssese islands are situated on the banks of the lake offering guests the ultimate beach experience. You, your wife, family or group can always be assured of having some bonding time.

Boat Cruise

Most travelers are accustomed the road transportation when travelling to their favored destinations which is not the case when visiting an island. You will enjoy the experience of travelling by a ferry, the ride normally last about 3 hours with comfortable sitting, first class customer care service and all types of fast foods to make sure you have a wonderful trip to any of the islands.

Cultural Significance

Ssese islands are believed to be the origin of Buganda Kingdom with the Basese people occupying most of these islands. Cultural enthusiasts have the opportunity to move around and interact with the locals. Find out the origins of  Buganda’s most feared warrior and all his conquests plus ways of living of the people on the island.  Learn about the famous damula tree used to make spears and can only be found on this island in Uganda. The people on the island are very welcoming and ready to talk to you for free.

Plenty of activities

The islands are filled with a number of exciting activities to keep you occupied no matter how many days you will be spending. s Whether you are a business or adventure traveler, you will definetly have fun and get value for your money. From beach sport like swimming, football, volleyball to land adventures like nature walks, cycling, bird watching, boda-boda rides, quad bikes plus evening walks, you can never get bored.

Affordable accommodation

Whichever place you are visiting in part of the world, you will always need some where to spend the night. Ssese islands has a variety of affordable accommodation options on Kalangal, Bulago and various other islands offering accommodation in cottages, tents and guest houses for all types of travelers.  Popular hotels and lodges include Brovad sands lodge ( , Mirembe resort, Pearl Gardens, Victoria Forest resort, Panorama cottages  among others all offering cheap overnight accommodation on the island and best services around.

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MV Kalangala Cruise – Your Ride to Ssese Islands

The MV Kalangala Cruise is the only way you can get to Ssese Island.The ferry leaves Nakiwogo, Entebbe at 2pm every day reaching the Kalangala on Lutoboka Landing site  by 5 and then leaves at 8am and arrives back in Entebbe by 11am.

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Top 5 Best Resort Beach Hotels In Uganda

Taking your loved one, family or group to the beach creates memories that will last a lifetime. A beach offers the perfect mix of relaxation & fun and that’s why beach hotels are popular spots in any country you will visit. Uganda has a variety of beaches with most situated on the shores of Lake Victoria which has attracted numerous investors to setup spacious accommodation in Ssese Islands , Entebbe , Samuka Islands among other destinations close to the shores of Lake Victoria. The list below features 5 of the best beach hotels in Uganda most ideal for family holidays, honeymoons, camping and group retreats.

#1- Brovad sands Lodge

Situated on Kalangala Island; the largest of the Ssese islands archipelago, Brovad Sands lodge arguably offers the best overnight accommodation and activities on the island. The beautifully designed cottages coupled with superb guest service and delicious meals has made the lodge a must visit hotel in Ssese islands. The affordable rates for family and honeymoon packages allow you to spend time with your loved ones without having to dig deep into your wallet. The beach is always clean with resting benches and balls to cater for both leisure and business travelers. You can play some volleyball, football, cycling or just enjoy a stroll along the beach to other hotels. For business minded travelers, Brovad lodge offers free WiFi and all rooms have digital satellite to ensure you keep up-dated with what’s going on during your visit to the island. The fully stocked bar and swimming pool offer the best group experience as you can drink up, chat as you relax by the pool which has both adult and kids sides.

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#2 – Imperial Resort beach Hotel Entebbe

Imperial resort beach hotel is among the most popular luxury hotels in Uganda situated in Entebbe town on the shores of Lake Victoria just a few minutes drive from the main airport. The hotel offers accommodation in 180 full furnished spacious rooms on four floors each with a view of the lake. The 1 km beach stretch has made it the most private resort where couples and families can go enjoy the sun without any crowding. The health club and swimming pool are both good relation places and all included in the accommodation price.

#3 – Samuka Island Retreat

The Samuka Island Retreat offers overnight accommodation off the shores of Jinja town for families, couples and small groups. Situated close to East Africa’s adventure capital, the hotel offers a variety of activities including boat rides to the source of the nile, water rafting, sport fishing and a variety of beach sports. The rooms are well furnished with mosquito nets, bathroom, writing desk and free wireless internet connection business guests. The evening barbeque and drinks offers the perfect time to bind with the group, family or your better half. You can also book a speed boat and take a tour of the island or just relax on the beach sands and enjoy the basking sun as you wind down the day.


#4 – Anderitah beach Hotel

Anderitah Beach Hotel is offers both budget and luxury accommodation in Entebbe for tourists and locals looking for a getaway from the city. Situated close to the Lake shores , Anderitah hotel has up to 30 spacious en-suite rooms with full access to the wireless internet , shower room, satellite tv, small fridge, closet, air-conditioner and a spectacular view of the lake beach. Enjoy the delicious fried fish and pizza with family and friends at the restaurant and then in the morning you can go out for some swimming, football, volleyball, boat rides or relaxation on sands.


#5- Victoria Forest Resort

Once known as Ssese Palm beach hotel, the Victoria forest resort is located on Bugala Island, among the largest islands on the Ssese island archipelago. The newly re-opened hotel offers accommodation in African styled self contained cottages with views of the lake. The sounds of the birds coupled with calm lake waves and sands make this a good spot for relaxation and weekend picnics combining both nature and accommodation comfort.

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