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Reasons Why You Should Have Your Honeymoon On The Ssese Islands Of Lake Victoria.

brovad1Uganda is a honeymoon paradise with plenty of beautiful places that are very nice, just perfect for your honeymoon holiday vacation. Choosing among these destinations is a critical issue to get the best venue for your romantic holiday vacation. That’s why we have explored all the places and came up with the best option that will make your vacation full of lifetime lovely memories.

Ssese Islands of Uganda located in the northwest of Lake Victoria are comprised of 84 archipelagos with the Bugala Isand as the biggest and most civilized Island. Getting to Bugala Islands is by a ferry from Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe which takes three and a half hours to reach the Island.

The reasons why Ssese Islands is the best place for your Uganda Honeymoon vacation are;

Best Resort hotels; Ssese Islands is blessed with the most hospitable resort hotels proving the best services that honeymooners ought to receive. Brovad Sands Lodge is the leading resort hotel at the Ssese Islands with the best staff personnel dedicated to offer the best services and ensure that you get the perfect holiday experience. Situated along the shores of Lake Victoria, Brovad has the finest rooms most of which are self contained double occupancy.

Sun-downer cruise; Enjoy the evening sun-downer boat cruise on Lake Victoria and witness the best scenery in Africa which emphasizes that Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa. The sun-downer cruise on the calm surface of Lake Victoria gives you the perfect romantic moments for your honeymoon vacation on Ssese islands.

Bonfire; Spend part of your early night at the shores of Lake Victoria feeling the land breeze while seated around the warm bonfire. Study and enjoy the night sky with your loved one as you create a diary of memories of happiness.

Beach games; Keep each others’ company by indulging in the numerous beach games such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, and beach mini-golf, among others.

Nature walks; Explore the Ssese Islands with their fascinating historical stories of the Bassese and the Buganda Kingdom. Trek into the quite forests while listening to birds’ melody.

Visit the Islands; Mae visits to other smaller islands of Ssese and have a chance to understand the hidden treasures of these islands and their cultural & traditional ties.

Quad biking; Go for a ride around the Ssese islands on a quad bike and explore the surrounding area. Have the best experience on your 4X4 bike grinding the sandy soils of Kalangala.

Visit The Plantations; Oil producer Bidco established palm oil plantations where palm for making cooking oil is cultivated. Let’s take you through the process of growing the palm until its final stage of harvest.

Swimming; Since the Lake waters were declared to be having bilharzia, Brovad Sands Lodge provides the best swimming option for swimmers at Ssese Islands. Brovad swimming pool is well treated to give you the best swimming experience.

Canoe ride; Sit in a dugout canoe and enjoy the ride on the calm waters of Lake Victoria. Explore the lake in a romantic ride in a dugout canoe.

Community walk; Meet the Ssese Islands dwellers who are so hospitable and have an encounter on how they manage to live an Island life of cold nights.

Ssese Spa; For all your health fitness, Brovad Spa and Sauna is ready to give you the best physical therapy that will make your life stronger and better. Excrete all the toxic fluids from your body and live a happy and healthy life.

Brovad Sands Lodge has the best services that suit your honeymoon desires and budget accompanied by a great service team.

Get in touch with us today to reserve your honeymoon package via or call our reservation team on +256-701367970

Ssese Islands Conference Centre and Spa at Brovad Sands Lodge.

Brovad Conference and spaAre you looking for a conference hall for your meeting? Brovad Sands Lodge has got you the best conference facility perfect for your meeting on Lake Victoria. Brovad Sands Lodge was created with conferences in mind; we have a new conference hall seating up-to a large group of individuals. Our conference facilities are in excellent condition to give you the best conference services you deserve. Have your meeting organized in the most beautiful, comfort and relaxed place in Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria.

We’re far more than a place to sleep and eat on the Ssese Islands. Brovad Sands Lodge also offers facilities for the pleasant invigoration of the body, mind, and soul. The Brovad Sands Lodge Spa provides a wide variety of saunas, steam bath and pools, that makes the best in beauty and wellness services available in the Ssese Islands.

We complete your treatment at Brovad Sands Lodge Spa with a complementary steam bath and sauna, which can also be taken as a treatment separately if one prefers to just have that. Sweating is the body’s natural way of eliminating toxins through the skin – relieving the burden of the liver and kidneys. When a person is exercising, the sweating they produce is not as effective as it would be in a sauna or steam bath since exercising will activate the sympathetic nervous system, which inhibits the elimination of toxins.

There has been some evidence which supports those who claim to have found relief from the pain of a chronic condition through sauna/steam bath use. Some of these conditions include back pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, PMS among many others. Using sauna/steam bath as part of a therapy program can possibly eliminate the need for prescriptions, or at least work with them to provide comfort and relief from symptoms

You name it, we’ve got it. And if we don’t have it, we can get it. Brovad Sands Lodge Spa & Conference center offers state-of-the-art equipment to make your conference a flawless professional event for your organization. Beyond simple projectors and equipment, we also offer technical assistance to ensure presentations reach participants with the impact you desire. Need an audio specialist or lighting expert? We have them. Need translation? We can arrange that, too.

We are your all-in-one place where your conference services, accommodation and restaurant, spa and wellness dreams will come true! We are a place of peace and harmony where you can simply unwind, relax, recharge your batteries and most importantly “feel like home”.

Get in touch with us today through or call our hotline +256-701367970 to arrange your conference venue, accommodation and spa and steam bath in the Ssese Islands.

3 Days Ssese Islands Honeymoon Vacation

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Ssese island retreat is the perfect get away for honeymoon couples seeking a relaxing,peaceful and yet beautiful destination within Uganda

The Islands are an archipelago of 84 Islands situated on the world’s second-largest freshwater lake and Africa’s largest lake. Enjoy your Ssese honeymoon vacation on Uganda’s best touristic destinations with Bugala Island being the biggest of the Ssese Islands, well developed and most visited. The Island is a splendid place for honeymooners, Bird lovers, Photography, holiday relaxation and get-away destination. Ssese islands are also home to a few primates like Vervet monkeys, Black and white colobus monkeys plus bird species that include Jewel pygmy kingfisher, hornbill, paradise flycatcher, barbets, Turaco, Palm nut vultures and African fish eagle. The Ssese Islands have a number of tourist activities such as nature walks, boat cruises, canoe rides, community tours, quad biking, beach games, swimming and bird watching.

2 Nights honeymoon vacation.

Day 01: Transfer to Ssese Island
Embark on a ferry at Nakiwogo in Entebbe and sail to the splendid Bugala Island. On arrival, relax and enjoy the afternoon at the white sand beach. Alternatively go for swimming in Brovad’s swimming pool.
Overnight and dinner at Brovad Sands Lodge

Day 02: Explore Ssese Islands/Bugala Island
Begin with a hearty breakfast, take a nature walk around the Island and then go bird watching. Alternatively go Sport fishing or enjoy sun bathing and indulge in the different beach games and activities on the island. Lunch, dinner and Overnight at Brovad Sands Lodge.

Day 03: Ssese–Kampala
After an early breakfast, transfer back to Kampala/Entebbe early morning.

End of the 3 days Honeymoon vacation.

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Enjoy Your Leisure Holiday On Ssese Islands | Brovad Sands Lodge

          brovaddddddSsese is a group of islands found in the western part of the large Lake Victoria, within Kalangala district. It has 84 tinny islands which vary in size from the less than 10,000 sq km to more 40 kilometers in length. Bugala is actually the largest island. The Sesse islands came to place about 12,000 years back when a tectonic change caused a raised basin found between the 2 arms of the East African Great Rift Valley to actually flood, hence resulting into the formation of Lake Victoria.

Guided Walks: We can arrange for you Guided walks around the Ssese Islands to observe the farm of palm trees plus fishing villages. The guests may as well visit the stunning bats caves. When at Bugala Island, there are guided walks within the forests which enable the guests to see a number of monkey species. The moorland are habitat to a diversity of primates.

Boat trip: Boat trips may be organized as a connection to the other Islands hence offering guests an opportunity to appreciate the great beauty of other Islands and even watch the spectacular birds.

Bugaba Island: This is the home of the African grey parrots and the typical unblemished African equatorial forest.
Bubembe and Funve Islands: Found south-west of Lake Victoria near the Tanzanian boarder with Uganda. The area is famous for the Nile perch and cat fish angling some of the largest Nile perch weighing over 100kgs. The best season for fishing is between April and August. In a group of 4 people, you could have a whole day fishing of your life time.
Serinya, Banda and Kitobo islands: These are fast developing islands, a tourist in search of a classic example of how islanders in the developing world live, will receive a world of experience and knowledge.

Wildlife: Vervet monkey, Bushbuck, black and white colobus, hippos, sitatunga antelope endemic to the islands with larger horns than the mainland specie. Other endemic species are present on the islands like the creek rat and three butterfly species.

Quad Biking: Let us take you on an unforgettable and breathtaking adventure! Ride your own Quad Bike along the beautiful coast line of Ssese Island. Experience a trip of your lifetime!!!

Nature walks: Taking you through the forest offers a memorable experience and an opportunity to see the various tree species, primates and birds that gives you a new lease of life with an encounter of insects, and butterflies.

Cultural walk: Have an excellent cultural encounter with the local community at Ssese Islands and understand their way of life in the midst of the lake for years.

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4 Days Ssese Islands Holiday Safari Tour | Ssese Islands Resort Hotel

This is a four days exciting Ssese Islands tour that journeys you to the beautiful Ssese Islands which are a cluster of more than 80 small islands away from Entebbe, but in Uganda. It is such a natural paradise as majority of the island is unoccupied except for the roaming fishermen and the thickets of tropical rain-forests which are habitat to birds plus monkeys. In additional to the Nile Perch, other fish species caught on the island include: lung fish and Tilapia.

Tour Itinerary

brovadDAY 1: Transfer to Ssese Islands
Drive to Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe reaching before 13:00 to ready for the ferry to set-off at 14:00. A ferry from Nakiwogo in Entebbe takes about three hours to reach Bugala Island the biggest among the Ssese Islands inside Lake Victoria. Dine and slumber at Brovad Sands Lodge

DAY 2: Forest walks and Boat rides
Begin the day with breakfast meanwhile feeling the breeze of currents from the lake. Take a guided forest walk to see various flora and fauna.

After lunch, a boat ride to various islands for sight seeing and birding is amazing. Dinner and overnight at Brovad Sands Lodge.

DAY 3: Full day relaxation
This day is dedicated for sunbathing along the beaches and relaxation. You can opt to go for spot fishing, and swimming in the pool. Dinner and overnight at Brovad Sands Lodge.

DAY 4: Ssese to Entebbe/Kampala
After breakfast, set-off at 08:00 from Bugala Island to Nakiwogo in Entebbe reaching at around 11:00 where you transfer to the Airport for your flight back home.


To make booking on your Ssese island fishing trip, email us on or, alternatively call +256-701367970.

Ssese Islands; A Romantic Destination for Honeymooners.

brovad-sands-lodgeThe Ssese Islands comprise of eighty four (84) Islands in the north west of Lake Victoria which is one of magical wonders always visited by travelers on safaris in Uganda. The Ssese Archipelago adjoins the district of Kalangala which has no territory on the country’s main land.

The Ssese Islands occupy the north west of Lake Victoria which is noted as the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the world and the largest tropical lake in the world. Bulago is the largest Island among the 84 land pieces that form Ssese and Kalangala town is the headquarters and form the naming of the district. The district stretches to about 51km surrounded by water lying in the south west of Entebbe peninsular where the International Airport is located that is used by the Uganda safari undertakers to connect to and from Uganda. Kalangala lies in the geographical coordinates of 0° 26′ 0.00″S, 32° 15′ 0.00″E.

The Ssese Islands are structured in two groups namely the Bugala group which is the largest and the Koome group named after Koome Island in the northwest. The two mentioned groups are set apart by the Koome channel as it is always encountered by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours. The range of other Islands in the Bugala section include; Bubeke, Bugaba, Bufimbira, Bukasa, Boyoya, Serinya and Funve The other Islands in Koome section include; Koome, Luwaji and Damba.

Exploring the Ssese Island destination is one of the memorable romantic encounters that you can ever have in Africa and Uganda in particular. It is a remarkable tropical paradise and best resort hotel of Brovad Sands Lodge. Resting in its fine sands with extended beaches surrounded by the blue fresh waters of Lake Victoria amidst the brightening sunshine of the tropics combine to qualify it as a great romantic destination for world honeymooners and thus worthy of including on the list of where to explore while planning safaris to Uganda.

The Ssese Islands are occupied by the native Bassese tribe which has close links to the Baganda and the Basoga with a close speaking dialect. The Islands traditionally were great spiritual sites in the area and ancestral spirits and gods were thought to be residing there. The Islands were noted earlier in the books of explorers with Henry Stanley noting their inhabitants as principal canoe builders and the greater number of sailors of Mutesa’s Empire. Thus visiting this site is tracing the footsteps of the great travel giants.

Undertaking sport fishing encounter on the shores with possibility of getting the gigantic Nile Perch also adds a thrilling encounter to your stay on the Islands. The Sssese Islands also have got impressive wildlife including primates like vervet monkey and colobus monkey not forgetting a range of bird species such as hornbill, robin-chats, barbets, turaco, weaver, flycatcher, fish eagle, paradise fly catcher, kingfisher, palmnut vultures, brown-throated wattle-eye, great cormorants, colorful butterflies and little egret.

For more information about Ssese Islands and making your reservation, just contact us through or call us now on +256-701367970.

Ssese Islands Resort with the Best Hospitality Services

double-bed-brovad-sandsBrovad sands lodge is located on Bugala Island of Ssese Islands in Kalangala district found on Lake Victoria. Bravad Sands Lodge Ssese Islands is just three hours from Entebbe International Airport. It is a stunning property on Lake Victoria and it is full of classic Ugandans who are hospitable. From Entebbe international air port you take a taxi to Nakiwogo landing site .after reaching there you will find a ferry that goes to Ssese .after that , take a road that heads to Kalangala town  on reaching the golf course take right following the sign posts of Brovad Sands Lodge .

Brovad Sands Lodge  has world class accommodations services on the world class Ssese Islands which is known as the paradise with guest houses, suites and others enjoying the ocean view with moisten  air all over at Ssese Islands at Brovad Sands Lodge, there is special room services in our cottages, guest house and suites our cottages are well decorated  and our rooms have satellite television (DSTV), wireless internet, flat screen, DVD player, hot water in our showers. Ours rooms have king size beds that comfortable and feel at home. Our rooms are delightfully restful and feel the comfort of our appointed Ssese accommodation

Due to our concern about the water borne diseases, we came up with an idle of setting up a swimming pool with clean water and safe for swimming at any time. We are only ones with a swimming pool on the whole of Ssese Islands and this makes us the best in Ssese Islands with the best services  because we entirely do our best to make our clients have their best moments ever.

At Brovad Sands Lodge in Ssese Islands offers a number of packages to its clients, and this is aimed at making its clients feel at home. These include both weekend and honey moon packages. The weekend packages basically we offer 2 nights accommodation in a special weekend suite on full board including continental breakfast, lunch, dinner, special room service, wireless internet and use of the swimming pool. there is the also the honey moon packages which include the following accommodation in a special honeymoon suite, breakfast ,lunch ,and dinner, special room service, beach games, a nature walk around the island, romantic canoe ride, use of swimming pool and use of all the resort facilities .

Brovad sands lodge in addition to the above offers many unique recreation centres to its clients. Which include boat ride, beach games, free internet near the lake, eco friendly and self contained cottages that are solar powered and with hot water showers and room service. Brovad Sands Lodge has an open bar and restaurant with friendly staff and a resident chef, reception with a manager on duty 24 hours, 24 hour security guard and swimming pool.

Brovad sands lodge is also well known for its dining experience in kalangala where variety of both local and international dishes are prepared to your taste by our seasoned resident chef  alongside a bar well stocked with spacious lounge with lovely music. Brovad Sands Lodge has unique place for events. It offers both indoor and outdoor meetings, host banquet in their terrace and conferences to their clients.

To book your stay at Brovad Sands Lodge in Ssese Islands, contact us today through or call us on +256-701367970.


Things to Do On Your Ssese Islands Honeymoon Vacation


Ssese Islands are made up of 84 archipelagos, all placed on the northwestern part of the Lake Victoria; the Largest freshwater lake in Africa. Ssese Islands have a lot of tourist activities that makes your honeymoon a lifetime memory. If you’re asking which Island you should choose for your Ssese Islands honeymoon, don’t despair Bulago Island is perfect for awaits your Ssese Island honeymoon getaway.

Bugala Island is the biggest of the Ssese Islands with an impressive lake viwes, which offers the most impressive sunsets that you can get from Ssese Islands. The Bugala Island is famed with white sandy bays perfect for your outdoor dinner at the beach on your honeymoon holiday that will have you in awe of this island’s beauty.

Things to do at Ssese Islands on your Honeymoon Holiday

Quad Biking: Let us take you on an unforgettable and breathtaking adventure! Ride your own Quad Bike along the beautiful coast line of Ssese Islands. Experience a trip of your lifetime!!!

Canoeing on Ssese Islands: Enjoy the serenity of Lake Victoria and marvel at the surroundings whilst on a Canoe Tour. As you journey upstream, our guides will entertain you with stories of the past, history of canoeing and interesting local facts.

Wildlife at Ssese Islands: Amazing experience with the beach wildlife that will leave your heart excited including the primates such as the vervet and colobus monkeys.

Golf: For the golfers, Ssese islands offers the best challenging experience for the game as you are blown by the cool winds of Lake Victoria.

Beach Volleyball: Some resorts provide beach volleyball. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Cycling Excursions: Cycling is an excellent way to explore Baggala Island. Bring your own, or rent one from Ssese Islands Resort Beach. Cycling to Mutumbula beach is especially lovely, because the water is reputably bilharzia-free and safe for swimming after a hot ride.

Nature walks: Taking you through the forest offers a memorable experience and an opportunity to see the various tree species, primates and birds that gives you a new lease of life with an encounter of insects, and butterflies.

For arrangements for your Ssese Islands Honeymoon vacation contact us for more information via or call +256-701367970.

The Best Ssese Islands Hotel – Brovad Sands Lodge

brovadddsSsese Islands is the most popular group of islands in Lake Victoria. It is an archipelago of 84 islands in the Uganda side of the lake. These islands are within Kalangala District, and they are divided into two groups that are the Bugalo and Koome groups.

In the Bugalo Group, the largest island is Bugalo Island, on which you will find Kalangala Town. Other islands are Bubeke, Bugaba, Bukasa and Buyova. The Koome Group has Koome Island as the largest. Other islands are Lwaji and Damba. Between the two groups of Ssese Islands is Koome Channel.

Ssese accommodation and restaurant
Get accommodation in Ssese Islands as you explore as many of these islands as possible. Ssese Islands hotels are available in most of the inhabited islands like Bugalo Island. You can choose hotels and resorts in Kalangala Town or in Beta.

On top of the list is Brovad Sands Lodge; the best resort at Ssese Islands located on the largest Island of Bugala. Brovad Sands Lodge is the most rated resort hotel on Ssese Islands with a stunning property comprising large, plush thatched cottages in a tropical garden with a soaring banda restaurant. The lodge which features beautiful gardens, numerous trees and the beach front supports various bird species mainly water birds plus some forest species. It offers guided village walks to the various villages on Kalangala Islands. Guests will have the opportunity to even reach the distant villages on the island, visit the orphanages, and check out the various artifact shops where they can buy a souvenir, taste the local brew “marwa”. Free WiFi is available at the lodge.

The lodge features Rondavel like cottages fitted with modern furniture and fittings. All the rooms are self-contained each having a fresh bedding, fans, telephone and flat-screen T.V.

Brovad Sands Lodge houses an onsite restaurant which serves both Local dishes and International Cuisines made by chefs using the finest ingredients from fresh sources. Complimentary breakfast is served daily and several drinks are provided through the onsite bar.

Laundry/dry cleaning airport pickup services are available at a fee. Airport pickup services are also available upon request. The premises are guarded by security personnel. Onsite parking is available.

To make reservations to stay at the best resort hotel in Ssese Islands contact us through or call +256-701367970 to speak to our reservation agent.

How To Reach Ssese Islands By Ferry from Entebbe and Masaka

Mv Kalangala

The Ssese Islands are an archipelago of eighty-four islands in the northwest of Lake Victoria, Uganda. About forty-three of the islands are inhabited. The islands vary in size from less than 10,000 square metres, to over 40 kilometres in length for the largest island, Bugala.

Ssese Islands Regions

Bugala Island is easily accessible by ferry, and is a regular weekend destination for Kampala residents. The island forms an L shape (with the long stem of the L pointing south, and the short stem pointing west). Brovad Sands lodge is located on the Bugala Island which is the best resort hotel in the Ssese Islands offering excellent services with luxury facilities that will make your Ssese tour memorable. The bay itself is serene best for Lake viewing, night-fires or dinner at the beach. Bulago Island is a small island closer to the lake shore that is run by a resort. Bukasa Island is a small island containing Father Christopher’s guest house. Banda Island is another small island, more remote, that also has a guest house. Other islands that can be visited include are Bubeke and Bufumira.

Getting to Ssese islands

Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria can accesses through various routes with Nakiwogo by MV Kalangala as the main gateway to the archipelagos.

From Nakiwogo landing site: Visitor can get to Bugala Island on the MV Kalangala ferry from Nakiwogo landing site near Entebbe. It departs the mainland at 2pm daily and leaves the Island at 8am. Transfer between Nakiwogo and Bugala Island is usually 3½ hours. First class seating costs Ush.14,000 and second class is USh.10,000. Vehicles cost Ush.50,000. It is recommended that you arrive 2 hours earier for the feery inoder to get a seat since it is served on a basis of first come – first serve. The ferry at times gets over croweded, so arrive early at Nakiwogo to claim a seat or else you may have to stand on the deck.

From Bukakata: From the western part of Uganda, a free car ferry links Bukakata mainland located 36km east of Maksaka with Luku on Bugala Islands about 50 minutes sailing. The ferry sails either directions every few hours from early morning to late afternoon. The morning trips on Sunday are not available. The ferry schedule changes often, so it is recommended that you inquire from the resorts at bugala island to get accurate and updated travel information.

From Kasenyi landing site: To get to Banda Island, there are small wooden boats departing from kasenyi, a fishing village 7km off Entebbe-Kampala road; turn off is  5km outside Entebbe. Boats from Kasenyi to Banda Islands leave daily with varied schedules that some days is direct and others stops via Kitobo Island.

On bugala island there are shared taxis that run from Kalangala to Luku at a cost of Ush.7,000 though Brovad Sands loge provides transport to their clients from and to the ferry dock.

To get more information and booking accommodation on Ssese Islands, contact us by sending an email on or call our reservation agent on +256-701367970.