Reasons Why You Should Have Your Honeymoon On The Ssese Islands Of Lake Victoria.

Uganda is a honeymoon paradise with plenty of beautiful places that are very nice, just perfect for your honeymoon holiday vacation. Choosing among these destinations is a critical issue to get the best venue for your romantic holiday vacation. That’s why we have explored all the places and came up with the best option that will make your vacation full of lifetime lovely memories. Ssese Islands of Uganda located in…

August 31, 2016

Ssese Islands Conference Centre and Spa at Brovad Sands Lodge.

Are you looking for a conference hall for your meeting? Brovad Sands Lodge has got you the best conference facility perfect for your meeting on Lake Victoria. Brovad Sands Lodge was created with conferences in mind; we have a new conference hall seating up-to a large group of individuals. Our conference facilities are in excellent condition to give you the best conference services you deserve. Have your meeting organized in…

August 27, 2016

3 Days Ssese Islands Honeymoon Vacation

Ssese island retreat is the perfect get away for honeymoon couples seeking a relaxing,peaceful and yet beautiful destination within Uganda The Islands are an archipelago of 84 Islands situated on the world’s second-largest freshwater lake and Africa’s largest lake. Enjoy your Ssese honeymoon vacation on Uganda’s best touristic destinations with Bugala Island being the biggest of the Ssese Islands, well developed and most visited. The Island is a splendid place…

August 25, 2016

Enjoy Your Leisure Holiday On Ssese Islands | Brovad Sands Lodge

          Ssese is a group of islands found in the western part of the large Lake Victoria, within Kalangala district. It has 84 tinny islands which vary in size from the less than 10,000 sq km to more 40 kilometers in length. Bugala is actually the largest island. The Sesse islands came to place about 12,000 years back when a tectonic change caused a raised basin found between the 2…

August 23, 2016

4 Days Ssese Islands Holiday Safari Tour | Ssese Islands Resort Hotel

This is a four days exciting Ssese Islands tour that journeys you to the beautiful Ssese Islands which are a cluster of more than 80 small islands away from Entebbe, but in Uganda. It is such a natural paradise as majority of the island is unoccupied except for the roaming fishermen and the thickets of tropical rain-forests which are habitat to birds plus monkeys. In additional to the Nile Perch,…

August 22, 2016

Ssese Islands; A Romantic Destination for Honeymooners.

The Ssese Islands comprise of eighty four (84) Islands in the north west of Lake Victoria which is one of magical wonders always visited by travelers on safaris in Uganda. The Ssese Archipelago adjoins the district of Kalangala which has no territory on the country’s main land. The Ssese Islands occupy the north west of Lake Victoria which is noted as the largest lake in Africa and the second largest…

August 18, 2016

Ssese Islands Resort with the Best Hospitality Services

Brovad sands lodge is located on Bugala Island of Ssese Islands in Kalangala district found on Lake Victoria. Bravad Sands Lodge Ssese Islands is just three hours from Entebbe International Airport. It is a stunning property on Lake Victoria and it is full of classic Ugandans who are hospitable. From Entebbe international air port you take a taxi to Nakiwogo landing site .after reaching there you will find a ferry…

August 17, 2016

Things to Do On Your Ssese Islands Honeymoon Vacation

Ssese Islands are made up of 84 archipelagos, all placed on the northwestern part of the Lake Victoria; the Largest freshwater lake in Africa. Ssese Islands have a lot of tourist activities that makes your honeymoon a lifetime memory. If you’re asking which Island you should choose for your Ssese Islands honeymoon, don’t despair Bulago Island is perfect for awaits your Ssese Island honeymoon getaway. Bugala Island is the biggest…

August 15, 2016

The Best Ssese Islands Hotel – Brovad Sands Lodge

Ssese Islands is the most popular group of islands in Lake Victoria. It is an archipelago of 84 islands in the Uganda side of the lake. These islands are within Kalangala District, and they are divided into two groups that are the Bugalo and Koome groups. In the Bugalo Group, the largest island is Bugalo Island, on which you will find Kalangala Town. Other islands are Bubeke, Bugaba, Bukasa and…

August 12, 2016

How To Reach Ssese Islands By Ferry from Entebbe and Masaka

The Ssese Islands are an archipelago of eighty-four islands in the northwest of Lake Victoria, Uganda. About forty-three of the islands are inhabited. The islands vary in size from less than 10,000 square metres, to over 40 kilometres in length for the largest island, Bugala. Ssese Islands Regions Bugala Island is easily accessible by ferry, and is a regular weekend destination for Kampala residents. The island forms an L shape…

August 11, 2016