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Celebrate Your Honeymoon Holiday At Brovad Sands Lodge On Ssese Island

62718974Celebrate Your Honeymoon Holiday At Brovad Sands Lodge On Ssese Island

Brovad Sands Lodge is the perfect getaway for newlyweds – a premier all honeymoon holiday island resort for couples looking for pure Ugandan romance. What more perfect place to celebrate love than in our hidden Eden of white sand beaches, tropical jungles, and sky-blue waters.

Imagine waking hand-in-hand along one of the most beautiful shorelines in the world, heading back to your secluded cottage to be greeted by a spacious, romantic, and relaxing atmosphere glittering with sun and a fresh air over the bed.

In the mornings, you’ll be served a breakfast, and specially prepared delights by our professional chefs. You can enjoy this divine meal at our restaurant with the other island guests, or you can enjoy it in a quiet spot under palm trees in front of your cottage. From there, the day lays itself out before you like a magic carpet.

Your time on Ssese Island is your own— take a canoe ride on the calm waters of Lake Victoria or let it float lazily in the sun or explore the island with our 4×4 Quad bikes. The options, just like your new life, are wide open.

Rest, explore, discover and play. Your honeymoon on Ssese island should be superbly romantic, and something that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. That is Ssese islands.

Once you decide that the day is over, you will walk back along the beach under a thick mat of stars. Your cottage is cool and dim, and fresh air and the king-sized bed are perfect to give you a comfort night. You finally realize that Brovad Sands Lodge is, ‘heaven on earth’.

This honeymoon travel deal doesn’t skimp on newlywed ecstasy. You’ll have nearly the entire island to yourselves while you relax, romance, or adventure your sweet hearts out.

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Stay at Brovad Sands Lodge: the Best Ssese Islands Accommodation

62609712Stay at Brovad Sands Lodge: the Best Ssese Islands Accommodation

Brovad Sands Lodge is situated along the shores of Lake Victoria, offering an idyllic tropical getaway on Bugala Island in Uganda. It is a great choice for travellers looking for a relaxing Uganda holiday vacation while still having access to modern conveniences.

The lodge has 10 comfortably furnished cottages, of which all have a variety of bed configurations with en-suite bathrooms. Each cottage also has two glass doors which not only provide plenty of natural light, but also lead out onto the private balcony which overlooks the lake and the gardens.

Brovad Sands Lodge team of chefs prepares delicious meals that can be enjoyed in the on-site restaurant. Guests can look forward to sampling both local and international dishes. Lunch can be enjoyed on the shores of Lake Victoria, or meals can be served in the privacy of your room.

Our guests can spend their days enjoying a variety of water sports, or viewing the abundance of primates and bird life indigenous to the island. Other activities on Ssese Islands include forest walks, cultural tours and fishing trips, quad biking, cycling, canoeing, jet skiing, to mention but a few. Return to the lodge to enjoy a refreshing drink from the bar while appreciating a gorgeous sunset and deep yourself our spacious swimming pool or go for a health treat in our sauna and steam bath.

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Stay at Ssese Islands Brovad Sands Lodge on your honeymoon in Uganda

sseseStay at Ssese Islands Brovad Sands Lodge on your honeymoon in Uganda

Ssese islands is the number one spot for honeymoon holidays in Uganda with the best secluded environment and most romantic resorts.

Spend quality time with your significant at the best accommodation in Ssese island with super quality facilities for a memorable experience.

Brovad Sands Lodge is located on Bugala island, the largest and most developed among the 84 Ssese group of islands. The resort has fine white sand beach that offers the best spot for beach games and relaxation.

Situated in the most silent and secluded environment, Brovad Sands Lodge provides the best chance to relax as the winds of the Lake Victoria – Africa’s largest fresh water lake. Deep your self in the cool waters of our spacious swimming pool to refresh from all the hustles. Brovad Sands Lodge is the only Ssese islands hotel with Sauna and steam bath to give you a sensational health treat on your Uganda honeymoon vacation.

We have a variety of activities to keep you engaged all day all time on the island, these include sport fishing, canoe riding, jet skiing, quad biking, community walks, nature walks, beach games, to mention but a few.

Explore Ssese islands while staying at the best resort hotel, to book your vacation please send us an email via or call our reservation team on +256701367970.

Uganda’s Finest Resort Hotel For Honeymoon Vacations

Planning to celebrate your honeymoon, the best place to spend quality and memorable time with your loved one is Ssese Islands of Uganda.

Ssese group of islands is located in the north west of Africa’s largest fresh water lake – Lake Victoria. With the best romantic resorts that offer exclusive honeymoon holiday packages for newly couples celebrating their love.

Indeed love is in the air, and at Ssese islands this is proved right. Secluded located away from the polluted mainland, the 84 archipelagos give you a breath of life with a sound of the water waves on the shores of the beaches.

With Brovad Sands Lodge being the best romantic resort hotel on Ssese islands, have a tremendous lifetime experience as you create long lasting memories. Situated on the Bugala island, with beautiful and pristine white sand beaches, Brovad Sands Lodge is a perfect place to celebrate your love.

A variety of activities that can keep you engaged all the time as you create memories include jet skiing, canoe ride, fishing, community walks, quad biking, beach games among others.

Brovad Sands Lodge is the only Ssese island hotel with a spa and sauna for a healthy retreat. Immerse your self in the spacious swimming pool to cool off from the activities.

Staying at Brovad Sands Lodge on Ssese islands is realizing your dream come true as you celebrate your honeymoon in the most romantic destination in Uganda.

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A Romantic Vacation On Ssese Islands

A Romantic Vacation On Ssese Islands
Ssese islands is an archipelago of 84 forested islands located in the north west of the waters Lake Victoria, Uganda. Bugala island the largest of all the Ssese archipelagos is even more developed with the Ssese capital Kalangala located here. The Bugala island boosts various tourism activities and has the best resort hotels of Ssese Islands that provide a true tropical hospitality with a romantic treat.

One of the Ssese islands hotel is Brovad Sands Lodge situated in one of the most authentic and secluded places o the Ssese Islands. With its 1500 square meters of white pristine beach, the resort is an earthly paradise offering privacy and tranquility in the heart of nature.

In this quiet surrounding you will find all the modern luxuries such as white sand beach, restaurant, swimming pool, which were designed with your comfort in mind.

Ssese islands is a place of relaxation and celebration of love-life with your significant one on a honeymoon vacation.

Make lifetime memories on your romantic vacation by indulging in the funful activities on the Ssese Islands such as Nature Walks, Quad Biking, Boat Rides, Indoor Games, Beach Games, Fishing, Golfing, Cultural Village tours, Bonfire among others.

The Brovad Sands Lodge offers the best facilities and cottages to give you the best comfort on your trip. Some of the facilities include an open lounge, fully stocked bar overlooking the lake, laundary services, self contained rooms with en-suite bathroom, spa and steam bath, swimming pool, conference facility, free Wi-Fi internet, among others

With the best facilities at Brovad, you are guaranteed to experience the best services on your holiday on Ssese Islands.

For a romantic holiday vacation on Ssese islands please contact us via or call our reservation team on +256701367970.

Ssese Islands are Uganda’s best vacation destination

73596073Ssese Islands are Uganda’s best vacation destination.

The 84 forested archipelagos of the Ssese Islands, float like green jewels on the waters of Lake Victoria. Located 55km from Entebbe, these are one of Uganda’s greatest natural gifts waiting for you to be discovered.

To all professional entomologists ssese islands provides an earthly insect paradise. Guests are required to bring bird watching and fishing gears.

The most famous and recommended tours and historical places of interest in ssese include: Nsirwe Island, famous for both bird and spider breeding.

Bugala island, the birth and home of the African Grey Parrots. It also hosts a living sample of the African Virgin Equatorial forest. Bugala island is endowed with many well furnished Ssese islands hotels that provide excellent hospitality services to guests.

Bubembe and Funye islands, Serinya, Banda and Kitobo islands

Getting There

Boats, ferries and vehicles are available to take you between and around the 84 islands, these are fully equipped with life jackets, sun canopies.

For those tourists who wish to enjoy the countryside, travel arrangements can be made by road, from Kampala to Masaka town (Nyendo) crossing with the Bukakata/Luku Ferry to Bugala. One hour drive to Kalangala the home of Islands.

Alternatively, Ssese islands can be accessed via road from Kampala to Entebbe crossing with the MV Kalangala Nakiwogo/Bugala Ferry.

Things to do on Ssese Islands

While you are on and around Ssese islands, sport fishing, bird watching, monkey and marine life viewing, are all activities and discoveries, one can make.

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Romantic Honeymoon Beach Getaway Vacation to Ssese Islands

62609712Romantic Honeymoon Beach Getaway Vacation to Ssese Islands

Do you want to show the one you love that they are special? The best way to to do this is to whisk that person away to the white sand beaches of Ssese islands, Uganda.

Since Brovad Sands Lodge is located in the most secluded environment, it makes it a perfect place to surprise that special someone with a Ssese beach vacation for honeymoon vacation.

Make the Honeymoon vacation exceptional by celebrating the days at Brovad Sands Lodge for an extra special holiday with lifetime memories to make.

Ssese Island’s cozy resort hotel is perfect for romantic honeymoon vacations in Uganda. Does your special someone enjoy comfort and relaxation? If so, be sure to book your stay at Brovad Sands Lodge.

Enjoy the sound of the waves along Brovad’s pristine white sand beach. Honeymoon cottages provide you with the best lake views with a private balcony. The beach is naturally romantic – whether you’re enjoying a leisurely stroll hand-in-hand along the shore or toasting a spectacular sunset, the beach is the perfect backdrop to enjoy a special moment with the one you love.

Spending quality time together with your significant other at the most romantic beach resort in Uganda. Book your stay online via or call our friendly vacation experts on +256-701367970 to reserve your perfect romantic beach getaway in Uganda.

The Luxurious Accommodation on the Ssese Islands Paradise

sseseThe Luxurious Accommodation on the Ssese Islands Paradise

Brovad sands lodge has world class accommodations services on the world class ssese islands which is known as the paradise with guest houses, suites and others enjoying the lake view with moisten air all over at Ssese island in Brovad sands lodge, there is special room services in our cottages, guest house and suites our cottages are well decorated and our rooms have DSTV, wireless internet, flat screen, DVD player, hot water in our showers and bathtubs. Ours cottages have king size beds that comfortable and fell at home. Our cottages are delightfully restful and fell the comfort our appointed accommodation at ssese islands

At Brovad sands lodge in Ssese offers a number of packages to its clients and this is aimed at making its clients feel at home .these include both weekend and honey moon packages. the weekend packages include continental breakfast, lunch, dinner, special room service,wireless internet, and accommodation for two nights . there is the also the honey moon packages which include the following accommodation for four nights, break fast, lunch, and dinner, special room service, beach games and others .

Brovad sands lodge in addition to the above offers many unique recreation centres to its clients. Which include boat ride, beach games, free internet near the lake, Eco friendly and self contained cottages that are solar powered and with hot water showers, and room service. Brovad sands lodge has an open bar and restaurant with friendly staff and a resident chef, reception with a manager on duty 24 hours, 24 hour security guard

Brovad sands lodge is also well known for its dining experience where variety of both local and international dishes are prepared to your taste by our seasoned resident chef alongside a bar well stocked with spacious lounge with lovely music. Brovad sands lodge has unique place for events. It offers both indoor and outdoor meetings, host banquet in their terrace and conferences to their clients.

For reservations please send us an email via or call our reservations team on +256701367970 or send a whatsapp chat on +256701601297

Ssese Islands; A Romantic Destination for Honeymooners.

brovaddd.jpgSsese Islands; A Romantic Destination for Honeymooners.

The Ssese Islands comprise of eighty four (84) Islands in the north west of Lake Victoria which is one of magical wonders always visited by travelers on safaris in Uganda. The Ssese Archipelago adjoins the district of Kalangala which has no territory on the country’s main land.

The Ssese Islands occupy the north west of Lake Victoria which is noted as the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the world and the largest tropical lake in the world. Bulago is the largest Island among the 84 land pieces that form Ssese and Kalangala town is the headquarters and form the naming of the district. The district stretches to about 51km surrounded by water lying in the south west of Entebbe peninsular where the International Airport is located that is used by the Uganda safari undertakers to connect to and from Uganda. Kalangala lies in the geographical coordinates of 0° 26′ 0.00″S, 32° 15′ 0.00″E.

The Ssese Islands are structured in two groups namely the Bugala group which is the largest and the Koome group named after Koome Island in the northwest. The two mentioned groups are set apart by the Koome channel as it is always encountered by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours. The range of other Islands in the Bugala section include; Bubeke, Bugaba, Bufimbira, Bukasa, Boyoya, Serinya and Funve The other Islands in Koome section include; Koome, Luwaji and Damba.

Exploring the Ssese Island destination is one of the memorable romantic encounters that you can ever have in Africa and Uganda in particular. It is a remarkable tropical paradise and best resort hotel of Brovad Sands Lodge. Resting in its fine sands with extended beaches surrounded by the blue fresh waters of Lake Victoria amidst the brightening sunshine of the tropics combine to qualify it as a great romantic destination for world honeymooners and thus worthy of including on the list of where to explore while planning safaris to Uganda.

The Ssese Islands are occupied by the native Bassese tribe which has close links to the Baganda and the Basoga with a close speaking dialect. The Islands traditionally were great spiritual sites in the area and ancestral spirits and gods were thought to be residing there. The Islands were noted earlier in the books of explorers with Henry Stanley noting their inhabitants as principal canoe builders and the greater number of sailors of Mutesa’s Empire. Thus visiting this site is tracing the footsteps of the great travel giants.

Undertaking sport fishing encounter on the shores with possibility of getting the gigantic Nile Perch also adds a thrilling encounter to your stay on the Islands. The Sssese Islands also have got impressive wildlife including primates like vervet monkey and colobus monkey not forgetting a range of bird species such as hornbill, robin-chats, barbets, turaco, weaver, flycatcher, fish eagle, paradise fly catcher, kingfisher, palmnut vultures, brown-throated wattle-eye, great cormorants, colorful butterflies and little egret.

For more information about Ssese Islands and making your reservation, just contact us through or call us now on +256-701367970.

The charming boutique resort on Ssese Islands

62718974The charming boutique resort on Ssese Islands

Nestled on the beautiful Ssese Islands of Uganda, Brovad Sands Lodge is an exquisite family-run property with marvelous accommodation, superb cuisine, and exceptional service.

Whether overlooking the resort’s pristine beach or their own private pool, its cottages and villas are genuine cocoons of luxury and serenity, featuring private balcony, African style furnishings, and self contained cottages with en-suite bathrooms.

The charming boutique resort has a state-of-the-art spa with massages and therapies that use the island’s famous spices and herbs.

For reservations please contact us via or call our hotline +256-701367970 and speak to our reservation team