Ssese Islands Is The Best Place For Your Ugandan Holiday – Ssese Islands Hotel – Brovad Sands Lodge

This spectacular landscape is the palm of the world’s second largest fresh water body. It is known for its placid and serenity feelings once visited and the kind of relaxation and stress free that people enjoys while on this wonderful travel of life. Ssese Islands is known for its romantic and lovely activities that are full of adventure, memory and fun.

Things to do on Ssese Islands or the activities that you can enjoy while at this amazing filmic lost land sketch include the following; the soothing wave breeze, hiking, sunbathing, sun set watching, romantic boat cruises, nature walks with in the unleashing vapored forest, the historical and ancient night fires and stories, cool swimming in the relaxed waters of the lake and the swimming pools and many other enjoyable beach games like volley ball and football on the island sands.

IMG-20170705-WA0037To visit this relaxed destiny of fun, you are chanced with two options; one is using the ferry that sets from Entebbe and the other sets from Bukakata from Masaka. This transit route to the island is pathetically ecstasy as you feel and as well enjoy the cool waves of Lake Victoria and the feeling itself of travelling with the ferry.

Still on this magical island, you enjoy the sparkling water waves of Lake Victoria, the syncopating scenic applause of the vegetation views of the surrounding. You are availed with the fantasy of Brovad Sands Lodge is a romantic hotel that gives you the exotic feeling and care that characterizes a high pleasure structure of planned systems of honeymoon.

A day spent in these ecstasy islands is worth many you spent anywhere you have ever been. Contact us today to book your stay via or call us on +256701367970.