Top Things To See And Do On Ssese Islands In 2017

Famous thing to do while on Ssese islands; Brovad Sands Lodge Kalangala

Things to do on your visit to ssese islands of Lake Victoria include Mountain biking and ATV quad biking, Bon-fires, Fishing trips, sunset trips, and nature walks.

 Mountain Biking and ATV Quad-Biking: The Ssese Islands are a perfect place to explore with a Mountain Bike or on the back of an ATV Quad Bike. Ride through quaint fishing Villages, forests, even on beaches and get to Atvknow Bulaga Islands, you can even ride into the town of Kalangala. Take a sunset ride and see one of the most beautiful features of spending a few days on the Ssese Islands.

Bon-Fires: Imagine the African Starlit Sky, the pyrotechnic lightning displays in the distance over the lake. You are on an equatorial, tropical Island and one of the fun things of being on the beach is a blazing fire, music and simply having fun with others that you have met since coming here.

Fishing Trips and Sunset Cruises: Surrounded by the 2nd largest lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa, Boat trips on Ssese islands is a normal way of life, from fishing boats, to Sail Boats, Motorized Boats of all kind. The boating activities are endless and of course the water-sports in a tropical setting – fish the Africa’s largest fresh water fish – the elusive Nile Perch, Tilapia from a boat or the shore-sailing is available with some lodging facilities, take a sun-downer cruise and more.

Nature Walks: Though you are on an Island – there are plenty of opportunities for Nature Walks, from short ones to full-day. Ssese islands Nature walks can include visits to, including fishing Villages where you have inter-cultural exchanges, have a drink and chat with an Islander. Visit the tropical forests wit rich history.

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