Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Destination 2018

If your are planning your honeymoon holiday in Uganda this 2018, then you should consider Ssese islands as your romantic destination to spend your precious time together.

Located in the north-west of Lake Victoria, Ssese islands is the most popular honeymoon destination in Uganda. Featuring exclusively honeymoon resort hotels, sundownwer retreats, romantic boat rides and a wide variety of beach games on the white sand beaches of Kalangala.

Honeymoon means a lot and does great in strengthening your lovelife, that’s why Ssese islands’ resort hotel famous for its romantic getaways is more than ready to host and serve you during your honeymoon vacation.

Do you ever want to enjoy luxury at the cheapest rates? Then, Brovad Sands Lodge is not only romantic but also luxurious yet at affordable rates. Situated on the Bugala island of Kalangala, Brovad Sands Lodge offers the best romantic retreats in Uganda with their own white sand beach just a few meters from your cottage.

When we speak of comfort, we mean Brovad cottages, designed with an African touch yet the decor is exclusively luxury to give you a feel of a five star resort on the Island. The King-sized beds and en-suite bathrooms with a bathtub and shower provide the best experience to enjoy the beauty of the island.

Eating is part of the celebration, that’s is the reason why Brovad Chefs are well experienced to prepare the most tasty and delicious meals during your holiday. Whether you want your meals in the rooms, you will be served there at no extra room service fee.

Gazing on the beauty of the sky while seated on the shores of Lake Victoria with candles around you, is one of the most memorable experience that awaits you on Ssese islands.

Have no doubt, Brovad Sands Lodge is the best romantic honeymoon resort in Uganda. Book your honeymoon holiday by sending us an inquiry via or call us on +256701367970.